Tour de France Dinner - Sat July 16

Anyone who wants to make a night of the Tour de France, a mate who owns a Japanese restaurant in Port Melbourne is doing a TDF dinner on Sat July 16th.

Tour de France Dinner : Moshi Moshi Japanese Restaurant

I think the deal is $30 per head and you get a very generous selection of the menu. Go up and help yourself kind of deal. When everyone has finished eating and the SBS coverage starts, the flat screen plasma will be brought in.

He’s been doing this for a few years now but its the first time he’s opened it up to everyone. Anyhow, email him if you have any questions.

If you’re wondering about the food, I’m a bit biased but its the best Japanese I’ve had in Melb.

i like japanese. and i like le tour. vegan options?

There’s a couple of vegan items but not a lot. Heaps of seafood as you can imagine.

In the calendar it goes… Sounds great, hope they have gyoza

They sure do. Let me know if you’re heading down mate.

Yeah, Moshi Moshi is good. I work near there, we call it ‘Fancy Japanese’ (while the crapy sushi joints on Bay st are ‘GFC Japanese’)

Global Financial Crisis Japanese?
Geelong Football Club Japanese?

I like this idea.
Tour de France and Japanese food seem to fit together perfectly.

Im down too if us dirty vegans can be accommodated for