Tour de France Fantasy League 2011 Thread

The SBS fantasy league is back on. Join here and then sign up to the FOA league

Mini League name :
Password: skidz

im down. This is a great idea.

hahahahah it remembers last years login!!

I’m in, go team Shut Up Legs!!

How many times can Jens be in my team?

team is ready

go ‘kanye’s skunk works’

'dr dylansd durg xcheats '; ready for action and all that jsazz

what smells funny?

all my epo and clen and ROIDS MAN

  • theyre never iinb your face cos they scaredy jerks

I can’t talk about my team for “professional reasons”.

no idea how to build a ‘team’… kinda different from fantasy basketball & dream team… but anyway

canchellara only costs 4,500…

Epic Fixie Skidz Team

rekignize foo0l

That’s because, he wont place high. And apparently the course is not suited to him early on as it usually is. Thus giving others a bigger chance of wearing yellow in the first week.

Exactly - the first time trial is a team time trial, so the chances of him getting in yellow for day 2 are nowhere near as high. The only reason he would be worth getting would be because he would get the yellow andhold it for the first week until it hits the hills.
He has one role this year - super domestique!

Terms of Endorsement is currently involved in a ‘team building camp’. Aiming to peak for the start…

The Prestonians are in. Here’s last year’s standings (Wonder how many people gave up half way though?). Podium finish for my lads, Allez Audrey.

placeholder team in.
i refused to do fantasy football because i didn’t want to waste my life caring about pointless games…at least this will only last a couple of weeks.

my goal is/was to pick a team that i dont need to modify mid-race… (barring injuries/withdrawals/drug busts)
its sub-name might as well be ‘team cbf fiddling with this’.

the screen shot above reminded me that one of the best parts of last year was the team names.

I just spent millionz of euros. Pretty sure I win.

i let the machine pick my team…