Tour de France Fantasy League 2011 Thread

Gilbert or Horner?
and how is Vino going?

Team Clenbutador ready to roll!

Stage 4 is my bonus stage, what about you guys?

all of them are my bonuses.

Also, are we all drug themed?

From a tactical point of view I was going to go with the last stage. Because this year they will let Andy roll over the line first - hence picking up a guaranteed double points for the bonus.

Instead I went with Alpe d’Huez so I could yell at the TV.

Nope. I’m Team Bukkake.

??? Nobody rolls over the line in the last stage, Paris is the sprinters stage and expect to see Cav and the god of thunder gunning for the line.

I am team A(epo)ns.
I wonder if they will start banning “offensive” names like it says in the info

Exactly - hopefully it is where the green will be settled.

Just a note to you all to check your team it is still valid before the race gets underway. There were a lot of riders listed previously (ie before the actual start lists were finalised) who are now not starting the Tour.

Oh … and hit the big red ‘Save My Selections’ button after making your changes! Made that mistake myself

Here’s the list of teams we have. If you can’t see your team there submit another request and I’ll approve later today.

Get your needles at the ready

Dope Peddlarz
Dr Dylans Drug Cheats
Dumb Ass Dicks
Epic Fixie Skidzz Team
Filete de España
Fkn Clownshoes
kanyes skunk works
LaNcE aRmStRoNg RuLzZz
Love Sex Violence
Needs More Stake
pedal go fast win
potato apples cock
Powered by Spainish Steak
professional reasons
Ramblers C.C
Roosters Posse.
Shut Up Legs!!
Snails squad
SteveZeros Heroes
Terms of Endorsement
Thomys guns.
what smells funny?
Wills domestiques

You can add G.S.Facinelli to that list of miscreants & doppelgangers. Speaking of which … who is team Bukkake??

^ Me Spirito!!

filthy bastard

Done. Usually updates the league within a day.

my friends Rc drift team is ‘team bukkake dori vip’

Just signed up to defend my title!!

Let the trash talkin’ begin.

I promise not to miss a transfer window this year like I did in the last. Having Cav in my team through the hills was not a smart play.

i wish i didn’t miss the first one.
auto fill seemed like a good idea at the time…

already playing catch up…gargh

i’ve just joined. Rolly’s Rouleurs. pretty sure i have no fucking idea what i’m doing.

Join the club. :stuck_out_tongue: