Tour de Keg (12th July)

So as discussed in a couple of other threads I’ll be having a party at mine on the weekend of Pushies Galore. The fixopoly alleycat is going to be before this and then you can all come and quench your thirst on some of my fresh homebrew.

In super exciting news I had originally thought that this would be the official re-run of Octokeg, however after 3 weeks of holidaying I think I caught Mrs Ant in a weaker moment and she has agreed that we will also run octokeg 2 later in the year, so yes that means we’ll be having two keg parties this year!!!

So for Tour de Keg you can expect a bunch of Tour de France inspired beers, an evening of shit talking, and of course the main event on the IGA big screen.

What’s more, and this really is the best part, I have been provided with a whopping 1kg of fresh galaxy hops from Stone and Wood Brewery! The purpose is to turn their generosity, and my time, into some cold hard cash for some worthy causes. I will be looking into who might best benefit in the coming weeks and will update here. Stay tuned for beer updates as well.

So so awesome

Your a good man dan and I don’t even drink,
The one over the old place was great, good food good laughs

Let me know if Mick isn’t up to the task and you need an assistant brewer

Will probably put the word out to you anyway, brew days with lots of company are far more fun.

I should be there

Almost a week ago now, what a killer night thanks for all the foamafia who came along. It’s going to take a few months for the grass to recover but well worth it. We raised $1105.70 for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, just amazing!

Write up here: Tour De Keg - Stone & Wood Brewing Company

Nice - happy to be a part of it - still suffering from the chest infection I picked up cycling home from there at 2am in the morning. Must have been the cycling, no way could it have been because I was tipsy and only had 4hrs kip before my daughter woke me…could it?