Tour de l'etape - July 11

So the GF and I are booked in for 4 weeks in France next July, to holiday and to see the tour (and to ride L’etape, luckily I got one of the last tickets for Acte 1 up Alp d’huez). We are thinking of hiring a car and driving to random hotels (although pretty staying around the alps).

Just wondering if anyone here as any tour de france experience they would care to share in relation to the best way to see a stage / follow the tour / expected costs?

Also, if anyone has ever ridden l’etape before or specifically has ridden Alp d’huez I would appreciate any tips(especially on training and what to expect etc). I will be riding it on my roadie which will have on it compact cranks and probably 29t on the rear.

I realise that this is pretty early given it is 7 odd months away, but due to the mass amounts of people that are going to be there it is pretty important to start booking / looking into stuff now (so I am told).

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speak to wade @ cyclingtipsblog, he rode l’etape last year and has a bunch of info about seeing the tour/riding l’etape on his site.

plus his site is an amazing resource,

Cheers - have looked through Wade’s stuff, and on (although most of the info on that site is through ebook which costs about 50 bux), was just keen to see what others thought.

I will be in France at this time.

pretty much just bragging

Will be seeing a few stages in the alps, have the wife with me so there will be limited riding. Just starting to get organised now.