Tour Down Under

Hey everyone, I am thinking of making the journey over to Radelaide for the tour and am looking for any advice on things like good stages to watch, places to stay (on the cheap) and any other tips.
The website is pretty useless when it comes to this info, they just want you to book a $2500 tour experience?!
Thanks in advance.

The Willunga stage was pretty good last time 'round, went up Old Willunga Hill twice (back to back laps), including King of the Mountain… Think it’s stage 5.
If you get a spot on the climb it’s good viewing

Also Stage 3 King of the Mountain at Wickhams Hill should be good.
But I like climbs and descents rather than flat viewing.

Not sure of good cheap places to stay, sorry.

As for things to do:
Tues night fixed… good mix of riding and beer
Paging Jolan!


Good pubs:
Wheatsheaf Hotel
Grace Emily Hotel

Central Markets is great for range and price.
Vego and lovin’ it
(If you like vego food?)

Yeah, accommodation I’m not so sure about. Depends where you want to stay and price range etc. You could always hit up or and look for places in the city. Don’t bother with anywhere at Glenelg or out of the CDB. There’s a a few backpackers in the city as well.

Another good pub is The Exeter on Rundle Street, it’s the most central (but it can get busy real quick). This is where we meet for the Tuesday rides. For now.

I’m not one to eat out much, but Ajisen on Leigh Street (between Hindley and Currie Street) has decent Japanese for about $15-ish a meal.

The Central Markets and Chinatown has decent food too.

Between the four Terraces (east, west, north, south) in Adelaide everything is walking distance, and perfect for getting around on a bike.

Can’t help you with gettign to other stages if you don’t have a car. Maybe try this forum for that actual race stuff. In saying that, Aldinga, McLaren Vale, Willunga and Pt Willunga are really nice coastal and hill areas. Pt Willunga was the beach I grew up at, and is totally worth a trip to if you’re at Willunga.