tour down under

anyone considering doing the tour down under?

Mutual Community Challenge Tour 2011 - Santos Tour Down Under - UCI Pro Tour

I’m going to try to do the 135km one, fixed, running two cogs on the rear so I can swap out when I get past the hills.
I’ll have to do some training first but I think I can (just) manage it.

I’m planning a ride to Whyalla in Feb so I’d be keen for this ride. Would be cool to have a fixed group.

Ditto on the training.

Thinking about doing the start from Gumeracha - 91 kays and it also avoids Checker Hill which is a steep mofo.

i think i might do the 91km one as well.
there are also 60 and 30km ones, all along the same route just at different start points, so if people aren’t up for long distance they can choose one of the shorter ones and we can meet up where you start

I’d be up for doing at least part of this. Reckon I’ll decide how much, nearer the time.

anybody sign up for this?
me and alex are riding fixed , and tom and steve are riding a tandem for the 135km ride.
2 cents and steve’s girlfriend are riding the 62km one fixed.

well that was a hard ride, but we made it to the end. was pretty spinny running 67 GI but it was the perfect gear for cruising on flats and powering past roadies up hill.
saw hugs going past one of the rest points where we had stopped, but he was roadie spec today