Tour of Bright - 2011

I’ve been planning to start a thread about the Tour of Bright for a while but I wasn’t quite sure where to put it. I figured it wasn’t strictly a Melbourne event, as people travel from all over to ride it. So it’s going in here!

Date: December 3/4
Format: 2 day, 3 stage road race
Website: Tour of Bright (not updated for 2011 yet.)

A few of the FOA crew will be having a tilt at this year’s ToB. I thought I’d post it up as we’ll be organising some training rides and perhaps a training weekend up at Bright at some point later in the year. If you haven’t been up that way before, it’s a beautiful part of Vic and home to some of the best “alpine” riding in Australia.

I know it’s early, but some of us (most notably, me) have to lose a few kg’s before tackling the big climbs. If you’re not a super climber, don’t stress! There’s a sprint classification have a go at. I’d appreciate some company when I take 3 days to climb Tawonga Gap. It should be a great weekend’s riding regardless, whether you’re racing or just spectating and enjoying the riding and scenery.

Training rides, accomodation discussions (have to hit up the local church?), and possibly training weekend to come.

Sounds good, might try and con some friends into a weekend of pain with me


Yeh me and Jezza were gonna do it last year but realised we were a little undercooked, so I am definitely up this year.

FOA tour of bright nemisis kit??

Just as a heads up to those interested. This is not a club race, but an open one, and it only goes down to C grade. Rule of thumb in an open is to go down a grade from what you race at club level, so C grade is going to be full of club B graders and the inevitable A grade sandbaggers.

It’ll be tough but, hell, that’s what racing is all about!

Yep it will be tough. But it’s also a long way off so we’re getting in early. It’s an achievement just to compete and complete the race. That’s my goal, along with having a dip at the Sprint classification. Lead-out train volunteers will be showered in gifts of energy gels as we climb Hotham in the grupetto.


Mat Gray is going for GC in C-grade, and I’m planning on helping him get there in any way I can. FOA team FTW.

Good lord, this is gonna be raaaddd.

club kit, registered sponsors or plain kit only. it’s a CV Open. they take shit seriously.

Entered (and willing to collude the shit out of it)

Yup, very happy to help Matt in any way I can. My preparation for this begins today. I love Bright.

Probably a good thing, it is about time I got some Brunswick Kit. Although TDR could register to sponsor riders…

I am now registered. Welcome to the terrordome!

Matt I am your humble domestique.

registering as i write this

as im the closest in size to mat it looks like i get to be the guy who rides next to him at all time just incase he has a mechanical and needs my bike


Good work lads.

The reality of us ‘riding’ for Mat is pretty funny to think about actually. Sorta like having a toddler helping you fix a car. “Pass me the 15 ring spanner… Actually, nevermind, I’ll just do it myself”

You’re leading me out, Will. Get in the gym.

I already got a good base going.

should i?

I’m planning a weekend away up in Bright with the better half to do a little local cycling and cheer you guys on that weekend, anyone else keen?

i think it costs about $100 per rider.

a three stage tour for your first Open event is going to be a very rude shock to the system, folks. i’d recommend entering some other Opens beforehand. the racing is different, and significantly harder. put your names down for the rob vernon / midlands tour / keith esson / shipwreck coast classic before you put a deposit down on your accommodation…

Totally expect to get dropped and possibly miss the time cut. My mate raced it last year and I believe finished dead last, I am currently stronger than he was then, so that gives me hope.

Speaking for myself, I need to have something hard to aim for. I plan on a good 4 months of solid training to help me get there. Having a goal to train towards makes me much better at sticking to it throughout the week. Some other open experience is a great idea though.

EDIT: Shipwreck coast classic looks like a bit of fun.