Tour of Flanders Streaming link

Don’t know why Schumi is on the picture but it works.

And the commentary - fantastic

Live English text commentary here:

Blakey, there’s audio too from your link if you push the tab on the right hand side. it doesn’t quite match the pictures from my link but better than the Deutsche.

Mine’s was Flemish…


It’s also live on Eurosport, if anyone’s got Foxtel. English commentary included.

mine’s in spanish. internet being good to me tonight!

Busy watching Devil Wears Prada…

It’s a low bitrate. Open Blakey’s link too for the audio. Doesn’t quite match the pictures but not bad.

not a heap happening atm…

All the action’s in the audio! Huge lag to the video.

My video is in front of the audio by about five seconds.

paveblog on twitter says to watch boonen through the corners. he’s always making position…

and there he goes, on canc’s wheel. so smart.

cocaine must be good for the brain…

C’mon Swiss Bear!

you just love him cause he rides a specialized.

Shhhh, used to love Boonen for the same reason but not any more. He just rides a Taiwanese rebranded Pinarello.

How’s Gilberts ‘pave’ print Canyon? Not sure if I love or hate it.

I love watching Cancellara ride solo, he’s such a machine. I remember watching him during the 2009 TdF, where he got a puncture on one of the mountain stages and had to descent like a madman to catch up. His descending skills are king!

Isn’t Specialized made in Taiwan?

Everything’s made in Taiwan. :wink:

your mum was made in taiwan.

millar, wtf? you should be gaining! there are three of you!