Touring Tips

Any one know of some good Touring sites with tips etc…

I found this. Rivendell Bicycle Works: What to bring on a one-night campout


Welcome | TravellingTwo: Bicycle Touring Around The World

Hours of content to trawl through there. Not quite as trendy as Rivindell though.

This is a great site focusing on dirt/off road touring but has heaps of info on everything really…

Prawza just did an epic tour, check out his blog. Im sure he would have some good tips. + He’s a super nice bloke =D Bicycle Touring: Turning “Twenteen” across Australia., by Prawi Woods

Lay everything you’re going to take out, get rid of half of it.

Chamois cream
Don’t make rigid plans
Stop and smell the roses

put everything in plastic bags. no matter how waterproof your panniers, they are not waterproof.

of all the sites I have read, non have mentioned taking Poo Tickets. Are they to heavy and space consuming?

man I don’t really have much good advice, the best way to learn is to go out there and do it. Learn from your mistakes and make adjustments as you go. The hardest part is actually making the commitment, once you’re on the road its a piece of cake… one pedal stroke at a time and see where the bike takes you. and both have a decent touring subsection. Google is your friend, and should be your bible, read the journals on there and you can get a good jist of what kind of touring you want to do, and also get a good idea of where you want to go. has some really good tips too.

+1 to merino wool, the greatest stuff in the world.

Poo tickets?

What an epic trip. I wish I had that passion at that age. Now i have family it’s going to a few more years before I’ll ever be able to embark on anything like this…

Bog Role mate

Prawza - Thanks for sharing your trip. Great stuff. Going to waste lots more time at work reading it…

oh right, silly me… i just had one in a ziplock bag sitting on top of one of my panniers. After i ran out of my first roll I simply planned ahead and stole a little bit of toilet paper from public toilets a little bit at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

One good tip i read:

the only way to carry the loo-paper:
An ozzie friend once told me about this and I’m sure that most backpackers already know the secret. At first I thought she was mad and it wouldn’t make any difference to the “carrying easablity” by removing the inside carton roll. But there you go, I was wrong and for those of you that have never tried it, it’s a great way to carry toilet paper. What’s more, it makes a nifty little dispenser at the same time: Take the cardboard roll out of the middle (this can take a bit of work but persevere). Flatten the roll, making sure the middle piece of paper is sticking out and place it in a zip lock glad bag (or similar). This all fits really neatly and in the tiniest of spaces of any bag. Pull the paper from the middle each time and this creates the dispenser. You never need to get it out of the bag which makes for handy usage in the grottiest of loos and anyone who’s camped or travelled on a budget will know exactly the benefit of that.

^^Stolen from this page: Tips and Tricks

and thanks mate, it was an awesome experience and I had a ball writing and sharing my journey along the way!