TPG IPTV - Eurosport

If anyone has TPG ADSL2, be sure to check out the IPTV service. Amongst the Asian/Hindi/Porn channels there’s Eurosport & Eurosport News.

I was watching the Fleche Wallone live last night (Cadel came storming home tearing through the field but was pipped at the post and ended up 2nd).

You can check the guide online, Liege-Baston-Liege (sp?) is being broadcast live at 3am (Sat/Sun? can’t remember) local time, but I think with a little trickery VLC should be able to save the stream straight to disk.

can you tell me a bit more about it?
how much cycling does there tend to be?
i’m giving some serious thought to churning to TPG as it seems we can get twice the bandwidth for the same price.

I’ve only just twigged to it myself. (There’s only so much Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, public domain movies & Fashion Channel you can watch).

Google ‘Eurosport guide’ and you should turn up a Yahoo! guide link, have a look at that and see what’s being screened.

Keep in mind that the quotas quoted are split peak/nonpeak, i.e. my 6gb plan is 3gb peak, 3gb off peak (1am - 7am I think). IPTV is non metered.

well we’re paying $60 a month for 25GB with internode which has no peak/off peak. the TPG plan for the same price is double that I think, so it’s more like bonus data.

I tried to sign up to TPG a bit over a year ago when we moved into this place. I went through the application on their website only to be told at the end of it that my application was on hold until free ports opened up at the exchange. i called TPG to ask if they had an ETA for this (days, months, years) and was told that they were waiting for telstra to supply new ports and telstra refused to tell them when it would happen. khunce.
So as a result we went with internode.

is that the link you’re talking about? i can’t see the program guide in firefox of safari.

Yeah, that’s it. Works for me in FF in XP.

Live coverage of the Giro d’Italia on right now.

we churn to TPG this week!

What lingo is the commentary in?

Anglais. It’s a UK sports channel.

churning is awesome!
it’s where you can pretty much seamlessly move from one ADSL provider to another. You register with the new ISP and tell them who your old provider is. you also specify the date you want it cut across. the new ISP gets in touch with your old one and cuts off your account (on the nominated day). they also arrange a pro-rate rebate if applicable. Apparently there’s a maximum 4 hour period that you’re without internets. You then punch in your new username and password into your router and bam, robert’s your mother’s brother. such an improvement on the bad old days where you could be without the net for weeks. definitely a good thing for the consumer.

If only you could redirect from your old email address. What a pain having to resubscribe and notify! Only reason I’ve stuck with Optusnet (actually, my wife would complain … do I really care?).

wife complains = you care

i started the signup process over the phone and we got to the part about what my email address would be. that was the sticking point. i don’t want another email address, least not one that’s tied to a specific ISP. with internode (my last isp) they either had a redirect to my preferred gmail account or just sent everything directly there. TPG would do neither. All correspondence once my account was in place has to be through the account they give you. I told them not to worry about it. I then worked out you can collect POP accounts with gmail so that’s an adequate solution.

As if i need another freakin email address.

I’ve never checked that account until now, and mail is deleted after 45 days. Wonder what I’ve missed? I get throttle notifications sent to my gmail address though, so not everything has to go to @tpg.

Enjoy the IPTV! Shame you have to use ethernet for it (unless 802.11n works, I’ve only tried g.

how did you change where emails are sent to?

When I signed up I gave them my gmail account, and the user/pass were sent there, and so have all the throttle notifications since. I did see a tpg newsletter in the @tpg account though, so maybe I have missed some stuff.

Like my saddle calluses - I don’t notice after a while.

billing info is about all i care about. i assume there are quota widgets for the mac like every other ISP so that’s easy enough to keep an eye on. with 50GB a month i can’t see much danger of us getting throttled

I’ve never seen a bill. I could well have missed them. Will find out in a month.

I get a charge to my visa every month.

I’m on 6gb, so I hit the cap every month, not soon enough to warrant an upgrade though.

our account is direct debited as well. i like getting the invoices because that way i know to hassle my housemates for money. we were on 20gig with internode which was generally adquate and then got increased (by internode to 25). 50 gig 30/20 peak/off peak is the same price so we figured we might as well.