track as fixie

(another) Andre in Canberra - how do we upload photos?

Nice one :slight_smile:

What happened to the other bike in your flickr album? It looks proper fucked!


Welcome. Loading images: Open a Photobucket account and insert the image code in a post, like this:

or direct from flickr open the image you want to post, select ‘all sizes’ then select the size you want to post, right click on the image and select view image, then copy the code from the address bar. it should look something like this: paste that into the essage box, highlight the text and click on the bbc tag which is a picture frame. that will automatically insert the img /img tags on either end. then click preview to see if it worked.

Hey aeek
nice ride, was thinking about doing a similar thing with the new Ryan Bayley model (just looks like a different colour frame) hows the geometry for street riding?doesnt look too twitchy

Not at all twitchy. I race a relaxed geometry Giant OCR0 for a comparison.
The ride isn’t too harsh over Canberra’s bike paths with the occasional tree root.

One thing I should have seen coming is the front brake stripping the wheel anodizing to get to the braking surface. One side goes through the Hillbrick logo and looks a little ratty.

Glad I didn’t ever fit the BMX lever, I use the hoods most of the time and always going uphill.

Oh, it comes 48-16 with a half-link in the chain so it fits just so.
The 17 meant a new chain, at least the wipperman was a serious upgrade.

Warning, the original rim tape was suspect. Fortunately I never saw it, it was replaced by my fanatic LBS.