Track at the Olympics

Awesom, listed bellow are the scheduled time starts for Track racing at the Beijing Olympics on Channel 7. (Although will porbably have to add 30min from channel 7 poor live broadcasting :roll:)

Friday 15th August - 7pm
Mens Team Sprint Final
Mens Individual Pursuit
Womens Individual Pursuit

Saturday 16th August - 8pm
Mens 4000m Individual Pursuit
Mens Points Race
Mens Keiren

Sunday 17th August - 7pm
Womens 3000m Individual Pursuit
Mens Sprint
Womens Sprint
Mens 4000m Team Pursuit

Monday 18th August - 7pm
Womens Points Race
Mens 4000m Team Pursuit
Womens Sprint Quarter Finals
Mens Sprint Quarter Finals

Tuesday 19th August - 7pm
Mens Madison
Womens Sprint Final
Mens Sprint Final

Thursday 21th August - At some stage during the day

Thankgod its on after work and not at ridiculous hours in the morning

All these times are from the local TV guide on Channel 7, so it will probably be shit coverage pity sbs couldn’t get it


looking forward to it all

mens road race, Saturday 9th 1pm - SBS

Apparently Mr. Media (read: Cadel) is back in the road race but selectors are still out about signing him up for the TT.

Yeah bring on the track cycling… Incredible that they are actually being broadcast on free to air.
Theo Boss, Chris Hoy and Ryan Bayley are the one’s I’ll be watching.

Road race now on, a Bolivian & Chilean 10min in front of the chase group and 11min from the peleton.

Cyclingnews live coverage: They passed the Great Wall – some beautiful views of the Walls and temples, very exotic. Or it would be, if one could see it all through the thick air.


Good to see Mick R can stil TT the shit out of a bike and get back to a lead group after blowing up… Cancellara better whatch his arse as Mick looks to be able to kick it…

It isn’t track, but congratulations to Nicole Cooke, winning gold on a tough course.

That Swedish chick who came second was pretty bloody good, Emma Johanssen. From nowhere.

I really enjoyed the slow-mo replay shots of the riders’ legs… They just kept the footage going… Even Phil had nothing to say for a change :slight_smile:


What’s with the green hoods?

shimano’s response to SRAM red

No where else to put this…

i think SBS is showing the time trial in 20 minutes… 6pm

Chris Hoy.


I missed the heats…how come Bailey missed out on the final? :x

Because they were too slow. And maybe because Chris Hoy gave everybody a rogering.

i say dirty tactics from the english