Track attack

Hello all,

I?ve been waiting a while for something decent to post before entering into the Forum??

First an introduction: For those who haven?t had the misfortune to bump into me, or me into them, whilst riding badly around Melbourne town, I?m Pete, I can usually be seen riding around on a Blue or a Red steel machine, and when I?m not too badly hung-over I?m generally out on the Saturday morning Melbourne rides. If you see me out and about say hello.

So… to the interesting stuff, (well hopefully to some) is anyone interested in having a go at riding on the boards??

I have provisionally organised a closed ?come and try? track session at DISC for a group of riders??.. (All I need now for this plan to work is group of riders?! ).

Basically the session will be closed so that only our group will be riding on the track, therefore it should be great for all those who want to try out riding on a real track with other ?new to track? riders in a controlled environment (rather than trying to cut it with seasoned hardcore ?week in week out? trackies, at the usual club training/race sessions.)

The basic details so far are:

Where : Melbourne ? DISC (nice indoor, wooden track?. Yum)
When : Sunday the 25th of June at 10am
How : The cost should be $10 each and will cover (hire) bikes, insurance etc. (I?m planning to use my own bike not a hire bike) Coaches will be provided at the session (not really sure how their going to control any of you lot)
Who : All are invited, big or small, from near or far. (at the moment, it?s only me going?)

If you?re interested put your hand up??.. (I want to confirm numbers to the DISC crew ASAP so they can organise more coaches etc. if their needed for a large group).


Count me in, Pete.

With a bit of luck I’ll have a ride of my own by then. Try not to drink too much tonight.

I’m in.

Just to confirm what we discussed this morning … yup, I’m in … and a 52-53cm frame if they’ve got one.


I’m in.


Possibly with a friend.

I’ll post again later and let you know.


I’m in, chasing up a friend as well, will post back with confirmation later.

i’m in too!!! are quick releases ok? hoping so… i’d love to give it a bit on a quick track… have a new beast to whip around on too. can’t wait.

keke hope the raleigh goes well for you JP. PM or email me your address for a brake - for your family’s sake!

  • Joel

Wow… at present I have 15 people interested, I think that is going to be the max for the group. (Could those with possible additionals confirm as quickly as possible)

So far I have :

1 - Me (+1)
3 - 853 (+4 ?)
8 - Spuddy
9 - Whathekoon
10 - Lats (+1 ?)
12 - Roguedubb (+1 ?)
14 - JP
15 - Dan (Shifter)

If the additional guest spots are not taken up I will open up the invite again, going by this demand we may have to organise anouther session…

I will organise a list of our qustions to put to the DISC crew later (quick releases/pedals…etc) so that we can turn up ready to roll.

I definately have one extra (he’ll need a machine to ride on) and I might have a second, but won’t know till closer to the date.


What gearing are you guys gonna turn up on?

Yep I am in.

Me too, me too, me too…I’m in


46/16 because I’ll have to ride there. 50/14 if I can be bothered switching over.

44/16, spin-kings!

Hey JP I?ve raced and trained at DISC a bunch of times. For racing purposes they wont allow a quick release on the track, but for training purposes I?ve trained many times with folk using a q-release front wheel, but never a back as well.

You should be fine for a training session.

Hey any chance of fitting me in on the session. Have me own bike. Using a 47/15 (warm-up) 47/14 sprint training 91.6 inch gear.

I be Roguedubberies’ (+1)

According you Dan-o, I probably will fit a 55-57, or whatever that translates to in one of those new-fangled compact frames :wink:

I can also bring along my time MTB pedals to fit to a hire bike, so I can use my shoes, or will toe-clips be the only option for me?

See ya there.


Should we be bringing our own pedals if we do need a bike.

I don’t, but thought I’d ask.

Also, my mate is 183cms, so probably a 56 - 58 top tube.


Yeah last time I had to bring my own pedals if you want to use the hire bikes.


oh wicked, QR is good, so i’m good. i’ll be on 44/14 but prob lack the man power to get it hummin. i’ll be happy to kinda hammer myself and then have a rest if anyone else round 6’1" wants a go… using clips and straps… timesharing bikes, what a wonderful world :slight_smile: Joel, address is 1210/163 City Road, Southbank, 3006. and thanks a HEAP!! i rolled straight past a tram with its doors open last night, trying to chase it down smith street… that brake’ll be v handy.

You sure you didn’t blow it’s doors off at the extreme speed you were traveling? :twisted: