Track Bike graveyard.

Found this lot and thought you all might like a look. Mostly Hoffy but also a nice old Titanium frame with brookes seat and no wheels, a 5 star Malvern star with different star arrangement. The wheels are only half that were there and there were more bikes hanging up in the demountable toilet.

WOW :-o
Is this stuff up for grabs or is the owner just keeping it for the sake of it.

Holy sh*t what a find! :lol:

Where is this- rural Victoria?

Any of those hubs any good… ie Campag good?

Where the hell is it?

Rural Queensland and the hubs are good. Never seen so many pairs of Airlite in the one place.

Ah, I’d love a pair of those! Keep us posted!

Going to cost me in rum and xxxx for the lot. Could spend a whole day and still find hidden treasure like inch pitch cogs

Inch pitch cogs

My mistake, inch pitch, getting confused with my Dura-Ace 10 pitch hubs and cogs

Wow indeed :-o

If your thinking of selling any of that stuff Im still chasing a track frame. Let me know.

Nice find - get that shit down to Brisbane and you should be able to retire.

Anyone interested in a swap meet?


1st Brisbane swap meet :smiley:


Swap meet +1

I bet TC’s pissed he didn’t turn this one up.

EPIC FIND! how did you get onto this bloke? was it completely random or what…

As per previous post , A wanted add in the newspaper.

ahh cool cool… any idea how much he wants for it all?? i am still stunned at those pics :-o

that’s amazzzzinggg

This red frame has been cut down for short riders and has a P on the steerer tube. Other is the 5 star.