Track bike with Dura-Ace.... sort of.

… and by “track bike”, he means conversion, and by “with Dura Ace”, he means a sprocket.

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pretty sure this has been on FOA before…

edit - yep, it has

Needs more ‘fixie’.

shouldve gone all out with:

“campagnolio aerospoke skidd mad fixy cocaine colnago rare NOS Bike”

if that was just a touch bigger, i’d be all fucking over it

edit - i actually think this will jump a fair bit in the last 30 seconds.

fuck, i logged in with 30 secs to go and very nearly bid. didn’t jump as much as i thought. really like that frame

Damn, that kerry hopkins jumped up way over budget. With that price I would have bought a Levant NJS with much better parts…