track cog which way does it go? flange?

finally doing my cheapo fixie conversion. bought a 16T cog to put on but i doin’t know which way to screw it on?

with the flange in or out?

using a BB lockring to hold it in place.

Flange side usually goes on first.

Except on those occasions when flipping the cog gives you a better chainline.


so it doesn’t matter too much?

I should just use which ever gives a better chainline?

also are there any tricks to getting it all nice an tight? / particularly with tightening the bottom bracket lockring to ensure it doesn’t unscrew?

google rotafixing for installing the sprocket.
if you have the time, inclination, and space on the thread, make a shim out of old soda can to fit between the sprocket and the locking ring.
it will help stop the whole lot unwinding on you.
be aware that the reason people use proper fixed hubs is because the lock ring has a reverse thread and actually tightens itself if the sprocket does loosen a little.
a suicide set up is called that for a reason.
as soon as you can, try and get a proper fixed rear wheel. it will save trouble and medical bills in the future.
good luck with the build

Ladies and Gentlemen!@!@ Please for the sake of our blah blahs - when you rotafix, use something to protect the bottom bracket shell. Chains eat paint and powercoat very quickly.

So true :cry:

I don’t bother any more on my current frame as it’s already rooted, but once I’ve got my new frame sprayed and swapped over I’ll be using a couple of layers of towel to protect it.


Or…get a chainwhip?

someone here had an awesome tag that went something like
“is rotafixing good for paint?”
“hell yeah, it rips that shit right off there!”

and truer words were never spoken…

and rota fixing will always do up a sprocket tighter than a chainwhip can.
chainwhips are ok if you don’t plan on putting much power through the cranks, but i’ve yet to fit a sprocket with a standard whip and not have it slip tighter when i’ve stomped the pedals riding.

So does that mean that the best way to approach this procedure is to get the cog installed by chainwhip, tighten the lock ring, then take the rig for a couple of short sprints, and imediately after getting back retighten the lockring to make sure it’s nice and tight (again)?

Or I guess option B would be to rotafix (with appropriate precautions) then put the lockring on and not worry about the retightening?

Too many mind.

what about using that Locktite stuff on it?

I’ve read somethign about that Rotatfixing. - might give it a go this afternoon.

Too many mind = bad. Too little sleep = bad.
The world is going to wrack and ruins :cry:

personally prefer to not use loktite on pretty much anything associated with bikes.
there shouldn’t be a need if things are in good repair, and assembled correctly.
it’s like places that tell you you need loktite on your spoke nipples. no. you don’t. you just need to build the wheel properly.
nothing on a bicycle gets the stress or vibration that would warrant loktite, and it’s a pain in the ass to clean up after next time you swap the sprocket over.

Loctite on nipples hell no. BB cups without shoulders hell yes.

  • Joel

Well I got it going. still needs some work.

The chain is a bit loose I think i need to take another link out.

And i’m having trouble getting the lockring tight enough. I had a problem with the Cog coming off when trying to slow.

and i put a front brake on.

Oh, and I need to get soem handlebar tape.

Almost done:

I liked the drops. :frowning:
did you chop em, or are they bull horns?

Your chain’s upside-down.

how the fuck are you going to get a ‘slab’ home on that, without a basket?

Yeah but brad, if you have your KMC ‘KOOL’ chain upside-down, that make you ‘UBER’ Kool, ya dig. Ever since you bought that white aero-fixie you have become "too cool for skool’ :wink:

I chopped the Drop bars off. As I’m not used to drop bars and found it a little uncomfortable having to get down there for the brake.

and yeah I thought the chain might be upside down - after i put it on.

but I couldn’t find any info on what way it should go. are all chains Assymetrical?

How do you get a slab Home on a bike anyway?