Track disc/5 spoke

Fast Forward FFWD Five-T Disc track wheelset | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South East - Coorparoo | 1026820546

Brendan will probably tell you to not bother with second rate discs and 5 spokes.

I’m pretty sure he even had a post about this on The New Timer blog.

I’d happily rides these though. If they’re in the condition that the seller says it’s a pretty good deal. Nice tires included also!

Second rate ? Or second hand?

Second rate, second to Mavic iO/Comete combo that is.

post, rant… same thing. i just think you might as well save up another coupla thousand and get the best.

tho i am coming around to the pro tri-spoke / disc combo. i reckon you might see them popping up on the track in the next few years.

trispoke Tenys or GTFO

Pro tri spoke? Do you mean 5 spoke? If yore talking about the wheels I think you are they have already made an appearance at world level. Netherlands team at London Olympics were using them and they weren’t just rebranded Mavics.

Another couple thousand might buy you one Mavic wheel, not a set. Unless you know some secret where one can buy both for 4k?

nope, i mean the trispoke. that’s why i said the trispoke.

the secret is being down with the heads of your local government funded sporting body.

any other questions?

mavic io/comete is a great combination if you have a spare $7-8000

they are something that you would only ever use if your national federation was supplying all your equipment at the taxpayer’s expense

Yes, where can I view this tri spoke that pro make? I can only seem to find the 5 spoke on their website. Unless the tri is a new product and they haven’t updated the site. A quick google gave me no results.

that wiggins bloke seemed to enjoy his at the TdF last year. mebbe check out some footage of that?

with him considering a return to track, that trispoke may come along for the ride. just a prediction tho.

can we also reach a consensus on the spelling of trispoke? tri-spoke? tri spoke?

indeed, here’s his bike. i ain’t great at counting, but that does seem like only three spokes.


one word, no hyphen.

fuck, look at that dude’s chainring. looks like a football!

and not a foofy-rack in sight.

could probs carry one between those TT extensions and drops. whole lotta space there!

Looks suspiciously like a HED 3…

tris poke

try this one then:

see how it says PRO-totype on it? that’s PRO. see what they did there?

Word on the street is that wheel was a hed3 with the decals removed. Would make sense as it looks identical to a hed3.

I’m excited to see him returning to track (and Cav!).

I will agree that it’s tri-spoke.

Stuck a sticker on a HED (as reoprted in a number of places in the cycling media).