Track fork vs. mtb fork

Can I use a (26 inch wheel) mtb disc fork instead instead of a track fork and get the same track geometry on a standard 700c wheeled frame (I will be using a 700c wheel up front as well)? Or will it fuck everything up and cause the hipsters to cry like the girls they are?

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short answer to your question, no, i wrote a bit about it here,7333.60.html

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long answer, depends on the A2C of your current forks, MOST mtb forks have an A2C of around 420-430mm which is a fair bit more tha n a standard track fork.

what is you idea? frame/fork…?

Thanks Prolly

That’s exactly the info i need.
Have you found that the mtb forks ‘slackened’ the head angle or made it steeper?

My idea is to use On-One carbon 26" mtb forks with a 38mm rake and run a front disc

what frames it going to and whats the axle to crown on those forks?

the axle to crown makes almost as much difference as rake…

i went from 400mm a2c to 430 and it made a HUGE difference, also is 38mm rake :-o wowsers thats a fair bit!