track forks.

anyone purchased these?

what are track forks?

forks specifically made for ultimate TRACKTION.

No but they look hay ness.

yeah i did, you get what u pay for.
I found the drops werent very straight resulting in the wheel/hub sitting crooked.
and the crown race was super tight, needed to0 file down the steerer tube where the
race sits.

If in Sydney, bring your frame into europa cycle sin Kensington, he’ll measure it up, ask you about clearances/lugs/bridge/rake sizes and whip you up one for about 100ish.

Whoah do that, much better yo.

So when is europa cycle opening a branch in Perth???

just drive there bro they’re right around the corner.

For a 100 bones he wont vary the rake, he will only put it through the machine that bends it to a standard angle, very ugly IMO.

For $90 bucks, about four months ago, he built a fork which was lug matched and threaded to suit, with my own preference for tyre clearance. It is not an ugly fork, far from it really. Also had it built with a cast crown.

Also machined the crown race down to the size needed for my headset for free.

just email gabe at njs-keirin your steerer size and he will find you a fork … thats if you dont want it drilled

ask him if you can find a chromed fork and then all you have to do is strip the paint.

I got a vivalo one for less than 80 a few years ago …

I have bought two pairs of these forks.The first pair were damaged in an accident and they were bent backwards turning them into zero rake track forks but they did not break which I was surprised about because there was not a lot of engagement with the fork tubes in the crown.The second set was to replace the damaged one.Cheap and functional.

Much appreciated, i’ve got a few things from that site, wheels etc.

All the forks seem to be suited for smaller steerer tubes i’ve noticed though. But if he can get one, GREAT!!!