Track frame identification

Hi this is my first post, I have been on the road for 30 years or so and started my fix with an ex PMG postie special upgrading to track and crit bikes. But I do miss the shear weight and mass of a PMG at speed…

I picked up this super light steel frame last weekend from a great old guy on the Gold Coast (Jack), it came with some nice old campag super record wheels and front brake, durace crank, Zeus seat post and Shimano 600 headset.

I’m not sure what or if any of it is original. The frame has been repainted and clearly says Hoffy on the BB but no other id or serial number. My guess is 531 but it seems lighter than my Jim Bundy in 531.

In one of the threads on this site on a great story of a MS 5 Star '63 track bike, I noticed the lugging is nearly identical. See below for a comparison picture with the 5 star frame. Any thoughts?

Have you got a photo of under the bb and have you pulled the fork out? If so it may be stamped with a serial number

I don’t think the forks are original with the frame, but will check, I’m not home for a few days but will get some better shots posted.

Nervex lugs. Readily available at the time and used by a number of frame builders.

Then it’s probably a Hoffy built by Eric Hendren.

Do you think it would be of the same era '60s or later? I am thinking of restoring it so will do some homework on Hoffy and Hendren and get the right look…

Wanna learn about Hoffy/Hendren?

Watch this - Two generations of framebuilders: Eric Hendren and Darrell McCulloch on Vimeo

Some photos of the frame and BB.

Eric Hendren mentioned that when he took over the shop he started adding his initials and serial number on the BB, so I figure this one was made earlier. Or its under the paint?



Gypsy check the Seatstay caps… like Peter’s one with the Nervex lugs

Could very well be a Hoffy, the fork is not original though.
Hoffy also often stamped bikes Hoffy even if they just repainted them, they also were known for reprinting non Hoffy bikes Hoffy even if they were not.