track frame:)

im starting a new project bike and i have a few questions i thought i would ask you:)
i like the look of the visp and leader frames but they are either over my budget ($200) or the quality and reviews are not entirley reassuring… i have stumbled across this on cycling deal. what are your thoughts? and has anyone had any previous experiences?

Track Road bike Fixie Frame

i also noticed the stem post is quite large… does that mean i will have to get a large amount of spacers or can this length be shortned? sorry bout the novice type questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance

The fork you can just cut off above your stem height,
it just comes like this so you can choose how many spacers or how high you want it.
If your budget is about $200 then this is all your going to get or an old road bike for a conversion,
Quality isnt the best but it isnt going to fall apart any time soon,
just get it have fun with it and if you like it still in a year just upgrade it.

You should search up “VISP” in the top section and PM people that have VISP frames to get their opinion. Usually the stem post (im not sure if thats the correct name) can be shortened but i’m not sure. I’ll leave that question for someone else. EDIT - Pressed post button before I knew Dayne posted.

You should make up a quote first with everything in it, then you will know how much your gonna be spending.

the “the stem post” you speak of is called the steerer :slight_smile:

watch out for the forks though. ellepea had a slight issue with his…

What is your total budget for this bike build? Work out that, then look for frame and parts. The VISP frames are good for the price. All else fails have a look at cell bikes, they are doing some good deals atm.

No issue with my visp frame. And I chopped the steerer right down.

Look up frames on eBay it would seem that someone in Melb is selling those same frames sub $200. Bargain.

My only gripe is that the paint is so damn thin. Once it gets to chipped to look good I’ll strip it and polish the shit out of the frame.

post this in the new buyers section and i’ll answer all of your questions. until then, no

i’m pretty sure that frame in the link is a VISP anyhow. any visp owners care to chime in with a thorough comparison.

if it is, go for it. not the nicest bike on the road, but ok given your limited budget

Its basically the same frame… Much like the visp and fuji track pro or leader are the same frame. They look the same, just have subtle differences. On this frame the only difference I’ve seen is the rear spacing, which is 115mm not 120mm.

btw it’s Tarck, not track

I have a visp and im 100% sure that is a repainted visp.
I reckon they are great beginner frames really tough and stiff. for the price you pay i reckon its worth it if this is your first fixed gear.

Fork ends (rear) are a different style, it has cage mounts on DT, and rear spacing is different.
How is that a repainted Visp?
I’ve had a Visp in the past,and this frame, whilst similar, is NOT the same!

its quite clearly from the same factory

Who gives a shit, two low quality, low priced whatever frames, same in my book. Both will do the same job.

Good point, I’ll stop quibbling about insignificant stuff now.

pls repost in “new buyer’s guide”.

and, like i always say to new folks: post less, read more.