Track Geometry????

All-righty then smart arses (853 and spuddy) and the rest of you up-standing trogglodites

What measurments really decide if something is track geometry or not?

Reason is that I’m trying to source (mmmmm tomato!) a propper “track” bike, none of this pansy street fixie crap.

bring on the insults fuckers…


Angles <= 74/75, short rake and short wheelbase.

I reckon.

But in reality I think track frames come in all sorts of dimensions, for different purposes.

and a higher BB. Shorter chainstays. Usually a shorter TT than ST unlike traditional road frames which are typically square.

I’ve been riding a track bike around for the last two weeks, it’s definitely different. I’m sold.

  • Joel

What they said. Steep angles and high BB.

Steeper seat angle for the sprinters, and shallower for the stayers…

and better throw in a bit of overlap

^^ not planned, an unfortunately inevitable result of a short TT, steep HT and low rake. One learns do deal with it though.

  • Joel

Ride it like a track bike and you’ll never know. Start hopping around & doing circles and it could end in pain.

Its not so much as the track bike, more like how tight the skinsuit it that you are wearing.[/quote]
It’s only a medium, needs to be small to be tight :wink: Used too Eeewww!

Medium would be tight on CraigC… or me :confused:

Yeah I’d need more of a maternity skinsuit, one of these years this baby is going to be born.