track shamal and a few other things

I’m selling a few things on the bay

Campagnolo Track Shamal Clincher Wheel set (eBay item 110674073004 end time 19-Apr-11 19:18:58 AEST) : Sport

fukk …want!

any guesses what these will go for??

that frame is nice , is there a reserve set ??

No reserve set.

im am definitely keeping my eye on these!

Holy shit, people going crazy over a set of conversions! Must be the clincher appeal…

yep they are indeed a lovely set of wheels :wink:

they’re clinchers - junior racers aren’t allowed to run tubulars. therefore these are arguably the best wheels a junior can get.

so yeah, they’ll go for a lot.


And I am equal to 2 juniors age wise…

Yes they are, and I didn’t mean to sound like I didn’t think so, I had a bid myself… Just surprised they are fetching so much being 12 spoke count and conversions. Great for you though, maybe I should build my spare set up as track wheels and put them on the bay rather than trying to offload them on here!

these bad boys gonna go over the $1k mark???

interesting price… might have to convert my shamals before i list them.

at 980 with 3 days to go? i’d imagine they will.

hmmmm, I wonder what a pair of Gippieme 416’s would go for if i lace the rear into a Miche 16h trackhub

Why is this? I would have thought that a junior would be less likely to roll a tubular off a rim than a powerful mountain man sprinter, such as Justin.

yeah, but they may not be so good at sticking them on in the first place.

Ah indeed. Thanks for the lesson.

Haha yeah me and Fortermann

^^ dem legs :open_mouth:

$1k on the dot…nice!