Track singles (Help me)

So i got home from training at DISC to find i tiny amount of glass has punctured my rear tire (odd considering i drove home).

Anyway im riding Vittoria Corsa’s and what i want to know is do i just buy another one for the back or is it worth spending the extra money to by 2 higher quality tires eg. Vittoria Pista’s? I don’t mind buying a pair of more expensive tires if im going to notice the difference in performance but will it be worth it?

I find the Corsas don’t really last that well, I have gone through 7 in a year or so…
Can’t comment on the pistas but anything has to be better than corsas

what are you using yours for? if you use them on the street, saying they dont last when the OP is using them for track is pretty stupid.

get the pistas. they are like really thin condoms, but oh so fast. do NOT try and ride them on the road though.

(that said i am running crono cs’s and am yet to puncture)

Using them on the Track

I used to have a pair of Vittoria Pista’s (cheaper of the two, not the evo), and they were great on the DISC track. Better than any other tyre I used hands down.
But just don’t ride them on the street eh.

Not impressed with the EVO pistas, knew they wouldn’t last long, but had to pull out of a handicapp when i noticed an inch of tread missing at an open!
I have gone to the Vittoria Pista PS for my training sprints and Conti Tempo for best, seem a lot harder wearing and feel fast.

I’m thinking i might go with the Vittoria Pista CS unless some one has a better option. They’re only $42 off Wiggle so i don’t think i can go too far wrong

Bit off topic but there is some old cranky bloke out near Croydon who repairs singles.

CS= Cheap Skate, avoid these tyres at all costs. I have had three of them fail through the sidewall, they’re shit. Stick to the Pista Evos, or Corsa Evo TT casings. Or, try the Tufo track tyres, they’re nice and round! (or, Dugust latexes if you like pink)