Track sizes?

Just wondering what the lap length of Brunswick and DISC is? Are all tracks the same length or do they vary?
I’ve been riding some laps at my local outdoor velodome, which I just found out is 308 metres lap size and wondered how it compares to others.

DISC is 250m, I think Brunswick is 330m.

Brunswick is 321.something m - 5 laps to the mile.
Coburg is 250m

The Track around my house is 146.2 metres, there is bonus points when dodging the lemon tree and avoiding the swing-set.

At DISC on a Tuesday or in the backyard at CraigC’s place? :wink: :smiley:

Yes, but don’t try and beat the 3 & a half year-old because he’s a stroppy little bastard. He has worked out that bikes stop when you shove toys and stuff in the spokes.