track vs vintage frame?

I’m making my first single speed these holidays and i was unsure which to go for
A track frame or a normal vintage one?
i like the size of the track frames(visps) but im not sure of the quality because the frame is alloy, is this a problem?

I don’t know where to start with this so here goes.

First up, don’t post exactly the same question in different forums. And when you do post, try to post in the right forum.

Next, you need to do some basic research - your questions make no sense.

Track is a type of frame. Vintage describes how old it is (or maybe how old it is supposed to look. ie. vintage styling). You like the size of track frames? I don’t know what you mean by that. You should buy a frame that is the right size for you, regardless of whether it’s a track frame or not. Quality has nothing to do with whether it’s alloy (I assume you mean aluminium here). You can get good and bad quality frames made from aluminium, steel, carbon etc.

I apologize, I am new to this site and I wasn’t sure what i was doing the first time i made this thread. When i posted it onto a thread i thought i was making a thread)…i was wrong so i made a new thread, this one.

I would like to also explain my question better.
I am going to make a fixie these holidays and i am unsure which frame to use. I am unsure what the draw backs are for older frames, compared to the newer frames( Visp frames).
the two frames i am deciding between are a newer Visp frames and and older road frame
i am indecisive, I like the BULK of the visp track frames but are there many/any drawbacks to using this sort of track frame on the road?
and is there draw backs for the older road bikes i need to worry about?

any answers would be helpful


Just buy an old bike and strip everything off you don’t need (derailleurs, 2nd chainring etc). Try to spend $0 dollars in extra parts and bits. Search the archives and the interwebs for a “what to do” run down. Consider it a learning experience: you’ll quickly teach yourself and you’ll already have a reference point for size/style of bike when you want to buy something else and get more ambitious.

Remember the part about spending $0 because whatever you spend of upgrade’s, or colour matching or bling parts will be wasted when you sell it on. An easy reference point is Sheldon Brown-Bicycle Technical Information but there’s many others and it’s all been done before and a gazillion sites have all the info you need.

cheers for the info, i just had a look at that sheldon brown site, and its great

An old Repco or similar (cheap and easy to find) is a good place to start. Remove derailleurs, maybe the back brake… leave the front one on. Remove large chain ring and leave the small one on (prob 39 or 42). Get a new rear wheel (hopefully with a lock ring) with a 16t cog (for the 42 chain ring) or a 15t cog if it’s a 39. Both combos will give you around 68 or 69 gear inches, which is a good place to start. You’ll also need to get some single speed chain ring bolts and a new chain… done!

Post in the HELP section if you get stuck or need a hand.