track world cup - seating

Checked out the ticket prices for the world cup meet in Melbourne. I see that AAA seating “trackside” is twice the price of GA seating. Is it worth it? I’ve only been in Melbs for 6 months and never been to Hisense arena. Is the velodrome seating always sold like this? Is the GA reserved seating?

pretty sure we got GA last time, they were decent enough seats.

GA is fine - and one of the best places to watch is the infield bar anyway- you’ll find plenty of friendly faces there :wink:

I’ve ponied up for AAA trackside a couple of times, on the off straight opposite the finish. The view made me forget about the price. My only bitch is the seat rows are very close together in those primo sections - not comfy for the taller gent.

GA it is then.

anyone wanna organize a group buy for one night?

i’m up for friday and saturday (only after the alleycat, before the party…)

Planning on going on the Friday night and haven’t booked yet so I’m in.



jeez, i didn’t say i could do it… you know what i’m like with numbers…

+1 on the friday
+1000 on beebee not working out the numbers :roll:

hi gays

how easy/hard is it to get to the venue from the city or prahran?

never been to ‘hisense arena’

extremely easy.

good i hope to attend

friday sounds good, id be interested.