Track World Cup

Had a squizz but didn’t see a thread about this.

I got something in the mail about discounts for group bookings or somethingorother. Should we all go together so we can be totally awes sweet dudes together?

think you missed out by 31 minutes. presale finished at midday!!

i’m goin saturday and sunday night, general reserved seating, $52 per ticket.

the “cyclones HQ” tickets were already sold out for the saturday night i’m pretty sure…

or we could just hangout.

yea, let’s hang out. i got a number in my pack. so, maybe i’ll be racing. that’s gonan mean so really easy wins for some pro.


i got general reserved tickets for sunday night

noticed the other day that this is easter weekend.

just an FYI in case people were thinking about going away, coz that would be a bad move