Trackbike in Hawthorne looks cheap

I can’t post a link on from my phone but the Ebay item number is 160965660130.

Check it.

Track Bike - Frame & Parts | eBay

If anyone wins this and doesn’t want the saddle, I’m interested.

^ thank you

I’ll take the cranks


^ is that a good or bad thing Adrian?

I’m guessing good. Eric Hendren.

Yeah, looks like a lot of the ones he made.

Is this one of those lucky dip sizing listings?

Yup good…

57 to 58cms I’d say

Looks like it would be 57/58ish to me, probly have a sneaky punt at this

Oh yeah what dubrat said I mean

It’s mine! Stay the hell away from that bid button… :mad:


Yeah 58cm, he’s updated the ad.

Have you called dibs Powdah? If not, it’s on my list…

Zeus ends? <3
Needs the love of a full restore, though. Potentially too many rusts are hiding.

It has the same lugs, fork, dropouts as a hoffy i had and a Beretto i had.

I need another Hoffy to go with the 3 others I own.

haha too much of a good thing? anywho too big i’m out