trackolympics alleycat 20th march 2009

i’m not organizing this, but it’s sure as hell happening.

red cross bushfire appeal benefit alleycat.

meet 7pm at fitzroy pool, 20th march.

bring bag pen lock and any bike you want. loose change for bribery may also help.

$10 entry - all donated to bushfire appeal.

dress in national attire. which nation is up to you.

bigger flyer coming. hopefully.

i will be racing. prepare to be destroyed.

fuck yes

Brendan, the flyer is linked to your email system, which requires authentication. So when this page is loaded, it prompts for your username and password.

If you want the flyer to show up, put it on flickr or tinypic or something and link to that.

fuck, i’m having so much trouble with this fucking flyer… if anyone out there can post a bigger version i’d be eternally grateful.

if everybody right cliks on the image, and opens it in another window, it becomes big. i believe the forum resizes images automatically…

Bigger and better!

That’s right.

There’s a maximum image size and the forum will auto-resize pics that are too big.

Depending on your browser, you should be able to right click and Open Image, or Load Image or something like that.

Trackosaurus flyer is now on the front page.

thanks mate!

this will be a great warmup to a little somethin’ somethin Samuel and I are cooking up for the week after. (or ours is the warmdown - either way both are going to be fun).

flyer and formal announcement to come very soon to a forum near you

for more info / offers of assistance / expressions of gratitude, email:

zoe is the one organizing things. she knows the score.

Awesome,bring it,good cause too. :evil:

hmm i think i may need to train abit more before i can attend an alleycat

as if!

the race is not always to the quickest, my friend.

ok then on that note i just sent my road bike down to my local shop to be fixed :slight_smile:
i shall be there
look for the guy standing by himself with the bianchi roadbike ><

given that it’s starting in fitzroy, there may be more miles involved than usual. a roadbike may serve you well.

mmmm the only thing that im concerned about now is may crappy knowlege of melbourne streets. im sure i can work around that tho…who wants a tail?

i’ll be on a roadie. its ok

You won’t be the only newbie competing - look out for the Milano soccer guernsey with Kona Paddywagon nearby…

sounds like i’ll have to have a word to zoe about a ‘first noob’ prize…

sounds good ^^
kinda considering taking my fixie now. after riding my fixie and nothing else for a few months my roadie feels really weird