Training Plan

Anyone got a road training plan they want to share with me, loading for some 200k stuff in Summer including hills.

ATM doing 430wk

PM me if you want to be helpful


Ride moar, smoke less bongs, you’ll be fine.


Have a look at Trigger’s assault on the Alpine Classic here, as well as Cafe de Keiren’s training thread here.

racing or riding?

Get on the CycleOps. Lots of intervals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one.

periodize your training!

easy week
medium week
hard week
easy week


if you’re currently averaging 430ks a week, easy week will be about 300ks, medium perhaps 450, hard 600.

for those of you playing at home, this is roughly how you do base training.

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training plan

lisa needs braces

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Are you reading my mind?

You’re riding 430km a week? Fucking hell, well done. If it was me, I would knock it back down to 250-300km a week maybe a month before you planned on a longer race. During the 3-4 months before this however, I would look at including high intensities and long, long efforts where you find your LT and sit just below that. I like longer climbs for this because you can get into your rhythm, find a gear that’s almost too hard and chip away. This is all basic knowledge so, yeh whatever. Let us know what you do, I’m keen to see how other people train too.

steep inclines, big ring it (or fixed) and repeat to build strength. then tackle some longer easier inclines to work on rhythm and gear choice?

but yeah as previously stated if your pushing 430 a week fitness should not be too much of a problem, i predominantly focus on climbs, thats the part of long rides that always fuck me.