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Hopefully these stories get people thinking about what the real problem is.

Personally I ride at my own risk, all the time, everywhere, if I hit the trammies or get my heel stuck in them", it's MY fault, they didn't f-ing jump out at me! Sadly, I'm certain the words ban cycling on tram lines" have been uttered more than once in the ranks.

I think with the correct level of awareness and the injection of a bit of ability the whole issue can be avoided. To me the world is a dangerous and beautiful place, for all creatures in it. I hate being censored and controlled in such a way that one day, I might not even be able to use the tramlines as a streamline up and down Collins to do my job. Especially when I think that it might be because people want to live in a giant padded room where ``someone" protects them from themselves…

I wish people would stop placing blame and try to find the root of the problem.

I’d love to hear everyones opinion.



I always find it funny when people get their high heels stuck in cracks etc.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to reduce the hazards on Swanston St as much as possible. Remember that most cyclists are commuters with average riding skills. If a solution could be found that meant cyclists were prevented from being near tram tracks I reckon that’s a good thing for the masses.
In the wet, tram tracks are very hazardous even for the experienced.

I think that’s a giant IF.

What seems to happen most often (at least in Vic) is that something ends up being banned. I don’t think being prevented from riding near tram tracks is going to help me at all.

I’d prefer to have the freedom to ride wherever makes sense. If we’re physically prevented from riding near tram tracks that just limits my options even more.

Especially along Swanston St, or Swan St for example, where parked cars and double parked cars mean you have to pass on the tram lines sometimes.

What they’re looking for is the cheapest way to appear to be doing something constructive. Actually being constructive is not the goal.

I try to just ride within my limits in the city and leave the funky stuff for less populated areas,
think ahead, look out for one another and things should be fine,

(spending money or banning things is just a waste of energy, time and resources).

put the money into local sporting clubs instead

the article is about putting rubber inserts into tram tracks. That’s a great idea to make them safer for everyone. They won’t make tracks grippier in the wet. This whole banning people from tram tracks is just over reaction. Tramfolf don’t want to be seen to be encouraging people to use tram lines asa bike lane, that’s all. Move along.

stupid tramfolf!

Give us all a hover-chair and robots to bring us pre-digested food, not until then will we be safe.

Where’s Waaallll-eeeeeee???

I don’t agree HJB, I agree with snowflake in that physically limiting everyone is the wrong way to go about it. I think it should be about awareness, so people can make the right choice and think about the hazards and the problems that are on whatever stretch of road they are riding on. In reality that equates to a glow in the dark boogie nights style sign that says “watch out for trammies” at either end of Swanston, or commercials on TV, rather than a big yellow barrier that funnels cyclist into a lane like sheep getting drenched.

For shizzle.


Beware tramfolf!


I guess the point I’m making is that having cyclists on a street like Swanston with tram tracks is inherently dangerous. It’s particularly dangerous because parked vehicles mean cyclists often have to cross the tram tracks and temporarily cycle in the centre of the tracks. I can assure you that there are a lot of cyclists that would not be confident in doing this reguarly. In the wet, I would be one of them!
Of course, this situation is not unique to Swanston st- any street with tram tracks you will experience similar things, but the difference is that Swanston St is the major cycling path for Melbourne commuters so the probability of someone falling on the tracks is very high.
Therefore one solution might be to make the whole of Swanston St a clearway, or somehow integrate a dedicated cycling path (of which there is currently none) into the street ala Copenhagen style. I’m not saying these are definite solutions, but an attempt to separate cyclists and tram tracks is a good idea in my opinion.
I don’t think it’s correct to say ‘give cyclists choices’, because frankly so many cyclists I see everyday make the wrong choices. Not every cyclist has the mad skillz of a courier! :evil:

Life is inherently dangerous. Whether a particular street is too dangerous or not is up to each rider to decide for themselves. If you don’t like it, take another street.

The more bikes are banned, segregated and legislated against, the more we (appear to) accept that it’s a dangerous activity that must be outlawed. And that is the real tragedy.

Take the poor bastard pedestrians who were hit (and one killed) by a drunken learner this morning in Southbank. I’m not expecting the government to suggest banning learner drivers from anywhere.

Contrast that with the reaction to the unfortunate cyclist who killed the more unfortunate pedestrian on Beach Rd.

That’s the first problem because there is no other effective route through the city other than Swanston St.

But don’t you think making Swanston St more bike orientated is the complete opposite to this? :? Who is banning/segregating/legislating against bicycles at the moment- I would have thought Melbourne is more bike aware than ever before.

I disagree. For me, the effective route can change anyway. I don’t always take the same roads to get to the same places. It depends on what’s going on at the time.

Anyway, I can’t see that Swanston St is the only effective route through the city. There are more streets than Swanston.

Depends what you mean by “making Swanston St more bike orientated”.

The Copenhagen lanes are a total disaster for cyclists I think. They’re dangerous because of peds crossing between footpath and parked cars, or just hanging around in the bike lane. They’re dangerous because turning vehicles can’t easily see you coming so you have to slow and maybe stop whenever you cross a side street. And they don’t seem to get swept like the rest of the road.

South of Latrobe St can be a bit challenging for the inexperienced because it’s downhill and easy to ride fast with little effort, there are vehicles constantly parking and pulling out and there are peds who don’t look for traffic because they can’t hear it coming and of course the trams. Exhibition St could be a better option for some.

I think that they should restrict and actively enforce the rules about what kind of traffic can use Swanston St. There are too many private vehicles using it and going too fast and cabs that pull out without looking or doing U turns. Actually come to think of it, I think I see more deliberate arsehole driving in Swanston St compared to ordinary careless driving.

I dunno about bike awareness but I don’t see a whole lot of tolerance and respect on the roads, between all kinds of road users, including between cyclists. Whether people are bike aware or not makes no difference to me if it doesn’t actually influence their behaviour positively.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Russel! Hot tip…

Russel! Hot tip…

there are not enough spectators and Its not hip enough for some people…

I suggest a new law that states Horatio must wear a giant body-sock made from foam at all times.

or before Craig C suggests it a cat suit :evil:

Russell, yes! Use it all the time.

They need to ban cabs from Swanston. Those guys are a fucking, nightmare!! Ban everything from Swanston except trams and bikes… then they only have to watch out for each other.

As for tracks, it’s rider education that’s needed… but really, most commuters are muppets and that won’t help much. Really, you either have an ‘awareness’ or you don’t… and most people just don’t have it.

I am always amazed at the stupid fucking places people ride their bikes.
Lygon street for example. I almost never have to ride on a main road or even a busy road to get where I want to go and avoiding them doesn’t add any time to my journey.

Well maybe thats a problem. Who are these people who don’t know how to ride bikes properly. I’m mean lets be honest here. It is rather simple. we’ve all seen some one perched up on there seat at the traffic light, one leg stretched to its limits to the ground below to keep them up right. JUST GET OUT OF THE FUCKING SADDLE AND STAND WITH BOTH LEGS ON THE GROUND FOR FUCKS SAKE.
Or these riders that wobble all over the place in till they pick up speed.

I admit that riding defensively and wisely in traffic isn’t easy but just plain old riding, most people seem to have trouble with that.

Sporting clubs? FUCK sporting clubs. This goddam country throws more money at sport than any other venture in history. The last thing sport needs is more money. In fact it could do with less. Then people might remember what sport is supposed to be about.

Learner drivers, pffft. Getting a license in this country is as easy as scratching your arse. Thats why there are so many fuck shits on the road. Getting a license should take like 3 years of regular training. Defensive driving, driving in all weather, first aid, etc etc, you should have to take hearing test and eye tests and an IQ test.
Instead all you have to do is turn up for a little drive about the neighborhood test then they let you get behind the wheel of a goddam death machine.

And one last thing before I end this rant.
In capitals no less.
Caps lock key engaged… CHECK.


The Southbank learner… Was doing 150k and then blew .165. It shouldn’t even go to court… straight to the slammer for a life as the cell block bike.

Driving a car should be considered a privilege, not a right.