Tram Tracks...

The dude got bail… he was an international student. I wonder what the laws are in his home country when it comes to drink-driving?

Speaking of this…

“My eyes were sore and they were closed and when they opened a cat came on to the road and I lost control,” Mr Puneet said.

apparently it had nothing to do with alcohol or excessive speed.

“I don’t think I was going at 150km/h,” Mr Puneet said.


VicRoads will probably give him a taxi licence.

Yesterday I was on a high from riding in the spring rain, and too top it of… I saw too cabbies having a punch on outside 600 Bourke, funniest thing ever…

Quote from: cellardoor on October 02, 2008, 10:17:19 AM

And one last thing before I end this rant.

That is a rant alright.
Chill. :wink:

There are a lot of thing I hate in this world Snail and ranting isn’t one of them.
In fact if anybody wants to bring up any other sensitive topics I’ve just had a coffee and I’m good to go. :evil:

Ha ha. You know I’m always good for a rant and LOVE a sensitive topic. Brings a bit of life to the forum.

amazing. better than a bin fire!

Excuse my ignorance tick, but what does that represent exactly? :mrgreen:
How was work- bit of a bitch- pity you couldn’t come out and cruise with us homey.

i love a good bin fire

i just like the gif. it prob doesn’t belong in this thread, but i had to put it somewhere.

i really should’ve saved it for a “hai guyz i’m new 2 fixed. i have 2000 dollars to spend on a bike. do u guyz reckon i culd get a cool fixie-bike 4 that much money?”

yea, yesterday turned out to be such a nice day too.

Cabs are definitely a huge part of the problem on swanston st. I’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve been forced way out into the trammies by some fuckwit who pulls out from the curb without looking.

ive seen cars pull out of manchester lane into collins right in front of a bike and the cyclist couldnt stop in time so hit the car and flipped straight over. if they were riding down the tracks they wouldve been sweet

A good friend of mine was in a cab last week, having a conversation about “how trams in the air or underground would fix the cyclist problem”.

Apparently it’s us verse them.

Who cares about flying trams - they should make a flying bike.

I can’t believe it’s past the year 2000 and we still don’t have flying bikes.

my biggest millennial disappointment :expressionless:

That show Beyond 2000 promised flying cars, skateboards, bikes and all sorts of stuff. We’re meant to be living on the moon to, but noooooooo none of that shit. It’s 2008 people conceptualise man :lol:

People still ride fixed gears, and gears have been invented since the wheel! :wink:

Flying bikes… pffft. I wanted a hoverboard!