Transcontinental Race
Anyone else following these riders making their way from Brussels to Istanbul? No fixed route, with 4 checkpoints and live tracking via trackleaders

Bloke in front is miles/days ahead of the rest, but the next few riders keep changing places due to having to sleep.

Kristof is a nutcase. He’s raced the trans-siberia in the past and is a weapon on the bike. He’s killing it.

My buddy Jeff is #37 and moving along quite well. There are a few Australian’s over there also.

There are some sweet edits going up from the CP cars, here’s one of the latest.


I had an application in for TCR this year but didn’t get an entry via ballot.

I will be 100% putting in an entry application for TCR next year. I settled on the Japanese Odyssey for this year which is similar, although shorter & only in Japan.

Japan would be awesome to tour…

There’s a bunch of Frenchies I follow. Alex Bourgeonnier who finished second last year has been having a super hard time and abandoned a few days ago. There’s also Kiwi Ouaja, a coursier from Paris who was in a spot of bother before the weekend but who’s getting by nicely ATM.

Allegaert is really impressive and wasn’t there last year, and seem to be clearly stronger and more experienced than a bunch of others in that sort of event.

Allegaert is a veteren on the Transsiberia Race among other ultra endurance events. He’s a hard man and clearly very very smart. His route has most people puzzled, opting for longer roads over the shortest route but obviously played dividends because he was seriously moving. I also heard his gearing was like an 11-25, which sounds ridiculous.

Mate did the Odyssey last year… not sure if you would call it a ‘tour’ when you are living on snickers and other 7-11 snacks and briefly sleeping behind/in toilets or covered picnic areas.

He did it the ‘hard way’ and went over a lot more mountains than the ‘winners’. Was kinda deliberate as he secretly had his eyes on a larger goal for this year. He got very wet IIRC.

Yeah I’m not going over there to win. I’m going to ride and enjoy it as much as I can. Lots of learning which will give me a good base to hopefully tackle TCR05.

Good on you Gyp. Impressive that you’re planning on doing the next TCR!