There used to be an ebay seller gts… who made and sold transfers.

He doesn’t seem to exist anymore (either that or I’m blind)
Does anyone have any contact details for him.

Or does anyone know where I can get some Suntour decals/transfers/stickers for a resto.



hey Lats,
His name is Greg Softly

he better still be in the business as I have a few odds and ends to get when I get home


This is his eBay store.

He’s closed until April 1st.

Thanks for that.

Also, does anyone know where I can get some RED cable housing in Melbourne??


Probably not helpful but there used to be an american guy named Mike Swantak who could reproduce just about anything - did a nice custom job for me about a year ago. Slow but very good work.

Can’t seem to find him on the web anymore - was it

His sites seem to have vanished but he posted at roadbikereview in January so maybe he’ll receive PMs/emails.

Lats, I bought some decals off Greg at Cyclomondo via his ebay shop only about 2-3 weeks ago. I’ve been trying to get in touch with him directly over the last week via email but he has been slow to get back - given the other comment about his site being down until April I’m guessing he’s taking a holiday for a couple of weeks.

I understand he’s still around and in business though as he was due to see the guy I’m getting a frame painted by last Friday.