Trashing your knees

For Paul Bouganim, six years on a track bike resulted in surgery to remove the bursa, or fluid sac, from between the bones in his right knee. His leg bandaged, he walks with a pronounced limp.
“These bikes ruin your knees,” he said.
Asked why he continues on his track bike, the 27-year-old responds: “I’m stupid.” Then he fingers a 3-inch scar and winces. “It hurts really bad today. With a geared bike, I could ease through the pain. But I’m stubborn.”

what do you guys think about knee damage?

I can’t see how it would be any worse. Ride anything too hard for too long and you’ll end up with problems (especially if the bike doesn’t actually fit you to begin with).

The only angle I can see is that riding brakeless or resisting instead of braking would put more pressure on the knees. But when does that become too much?

When your knees are ruined :slight_smile:

what do you guys think about knee damage?[/quote]

its painful?

You’re talking about riding a TRACK gear too - 90plus.

I heard he wasnt much chop as a racer anyway - no heart… :wink:

Hope everyone is riding in the sun.


a 90 inch gear in the city - try slambing back on that. knacker your knees for sure.

Ride a sensible gear, you can’t fang too fast therefore, you don’t have to resist so much to slow down and I see no reason why you would Fvck you knees up.