Travel Advice

A week today me and the fiance fly out to Phuket for her b’day, staying in Patong.
Just realized it’s been over 12 years since I went overseas so I’m a bit rusty with travel tips and currency etc.

Anyone got any tips on what I should or shouldn’t be doing?
What’s the best way to carry money (cash, card, travelers cheque).

Any good sights I should be looking for/avoiding?
We’re there for the Vegan Food festival (and I’m told the self mutilation part is particularly interesting)

Also a mate told me mushrooms were legal over there but I’ve also heard this isn’t the case, anyone know the score? Cos’ I don’t wanna end up on the evening news in some sketchy Thai prison.

Help a brother out.

I’d go with Cash in Thailand tbh, based on my experience last year. Not many places I went to had credit card facilities. I just had a wad of cash, stored it in the hotel safe and took out what I needed for the day. Travellers cheque are pretty old school now.

Don’t take a body board in a bag, hot tip.

I have never travelled in Thailand, but just some generic tips I guess.

  • Get cash before you go. I have found the best place is from the Post Office.

  • If you do take a credit card - take one that won’t sting you for overseas transactions and currency conversion fees. I used this card International Credit Card | No Currency Fees | 28 Degrees MasterCard and found it excellent. Cut it up as soon as I returned and closed the account. You can also get credit cards that you preload your own cash on them - but use the visa/mastercard lines. You may be running time short for these as you need to apply for these. But also - Thailand probably is more geared towards cash transactions. Split the cash up over different bags, stitch some in a jacket pocket for emergencies etc.

-As far as mushrooms go. Don’t touch them - like you said, you don’t want to end up in prison facing a firing squad.

Went to thailand for a month a couple of years back. ATMs are everywhere so as long as your cards are allowed to be used overseas by your bank they will work. Travellers cheques would only be for an emergency, I never had any. TCs that is. Those loaded up cash cards are pretty good, would recommend. Cash is king for all transactions. Where you can, barter hard. Get travellers insurance that has a good policy and payes out well. I would steer well clear of any illegalish drugs including mushrooms over there. I did some mushrooms a couple of times but it was a pretty safe scenario. The police use entrapment to get you too so refuse anyone pedalling drugs to you - the police may have put them up to it.

Have never been to Phuket or patong beach but it is infamous for the sleaze and sleazy tourists. You can get a boat to Koh Pipi, takes a couple of hours and the island scenery is amaze. Avoid the island where they filmed ‘the beach’ as its rammed with tourists and speed boats revving engines. Went to Bangkok, Koh Pangnang, Krabi, Ton Sai, Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, Koh Pipi and Chang Mai. Ton Sai is a climbing mecca and is awesome. Chang Mai is in the north and was great too. Relaxed and friendly and the locals will happily interact with you at the various bars and restaurants. The night market was epic too - even saw some fixed crew out and about.

Beer: Chang is cheap but gives you the “chang-over”
Leo is good on a budget
Singha: pay the extra few baht and get these. Your head will thank you tomorrow.
Cocktails are great and cheap.

Buy your water, DO NOT drink from the tap or brush your teeth with it. 7/11 has real cheap water in opaque “milk bottles”. The locals drink this one as its the cheapest by quite a bit. The others are the same just charge you more.

Pharmacies will sell you virtually anything with no script, including antibiotics. This saved my face from a killer infection. You could probably get some Xanexs, Prozac or whatever else you want while youre at it.

Seafood is wicked and safe. I ate street food there too and had no issues. Established restaurants will serve some realy really good food. Food is such a highlight of going to Thailand IMO.

Have fun geez

As far as travelling goes, Thailand is one of the easiest places for a tourist- cheap, great food and drink, super friendly people. Just please don’t be another embarrassing Australian tourist!
ATMs are everywhere- I really wouldn’t worry about it.


“Aw yea maate…”

If you are really desperate for shroom. Just go to a restaurant that sells ‘happy pizza’ and ask for it to be ‘really happy’. Worst thing that could happen is you get regular pizza. This is what I did in Cambodia… but I only found out it had shrooms on it much later…

The travel place on the corner of James Place and Grenfell Street (next to City Cross) usually has the best rates and no exchange fee. We’ve exchanged money for Malaysia, the US and Japan there and it’s all been better than any bank or post office.

Heaps of ATMs in thailand. But cash is king there. Market places and restaurants love cash and you’ll get way better deals if you show it to them.

market goods are hit or miss over there, so barter like a mofo and you’ll get some awesome deals. I still carry a northface backpack I got there for under $20. I swear it is 100% legitimate. Has been all over aus and is super strong.

+1 for streetfood, as long as it’s cooked, you’ll be lovin life!

Also, be weary of jetski operators, some of them are super dodgy. Make sure you go over the jetski and look for any cosmetic damage BEFORE you ride it. There’s been some stories of people not noticing a dent for cracked fairing, and the operator making them cough up for repairs when they bring it back.

Glad-wrap your luggage

Accidentaly ate fried chicken legs while I was there. They looked like deep fried chips, its like an untearable calamari inside the batter though.

street food aint always alright.

Same for motor bikes and scooters. Dont let them keep your passport either, as some will try that one.

I was there in feb, apart from all the other things people have said is be prepared for all the Russians pushing you/making you feel unwelcomed

And try not to crash

Also if you have to take cash out take odd amounts so your not stuck with 1000 baht notes that nobody will exchange.

And see a movie over there, the couch’s are amazing.

don’t take your favourite t-shirt.


Be sure to spend up big on Ed Hardy t-shirts.
And get a thai beer singlet. Bitches love thai beer singlets.