Travel tips for Berlin?

Heading over to Germany next year. Starting and ending in Munich, have 3 weeks to fill in.
Thinking so far to go from munich to nuremberg to dresden to berlin. Anyone have recommendations for areas to stay / must see things in berlin? We’re thinking 4 days in berlin but happy to do more if ppl say its worth while
Was in Munich last year, well worth going for those who havent been…Just a relaxed cool city with seemingly as many cyclists as amsterdam

Stay in Mitte and live on Falafel.:slight_smile:

it’s a little geeky but the ethnological museum and asian arts museums in dahlem, berlin are a bit of a train ride out, but my highlight the last time i went. full of crazy stuff like this>
and pacific island armour made from swordfish and inflated pufferfish and incan statues and everything the 19th century german ‘explorers’ could buy or trade and pack onto ships home

Stay in Friedrichshain.

Go to Kerin Berlin and have a chat to Moe and get a coffee.

Go to Cicli Berlinetta and have a chat to Dustin and completely loose your shit.

Go to the abandoned Beelitz Military hospital, about an 45-60min train ride out of Berlin, its freakin’ amazing.

Eat all the doner kebabs.

Fat Tire Bike* Tours was a good introduction to the city/ take you to an awesome beer garden

*not actually on fat bikes unfortunately

Mustafa’s kebabs. Repeat.

abandoned amusement park in Berlin, its called SpreePark and its worth the half an hour train ride. Or you could ride there?

Hop through the fence and go walkabouts, pretty cool/wen’t by myself which was creepy as fuck. The ferris wheel is still moving very slowly from the wind so i guess you could try and get on it if you wanted?
Also gotto go to the Holocaust museum.

To be honest 4 days wont get you much in Berlin, can’t recommend any hostels as I stayed in short stay apartments (minimum 1 week) it works out to be ridiculously cheap and you don’t have to deal with retards in your dorm.

defs agree that Munich is an underrated city.

Don’t mention the war.

The Topography of Terror is really interesting as is the Museum of Pornography.