Treadly Bike Shop's 1st Birthday - 30th October 2pm.

More info at Treadly’s facebook…

Treadly Bike Shop

Should be a good day! Start mirror-polishing those parts.

I’ll be there with bells on… actually my bike doesn’t have a bell

Weather is looking good…

Sunday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 9 Max 20

i am trying to convince dash tim to come along with our tarck bikez!

Do it. Seriously.

yeah i want to bring my abomination

i waxed my bike

won’t you have some regrowth by Sunday man?


I have future brother in law’s birthday bbq on Sunday…but I might be able to squeeze out of it early to tarck it up.

ok secret olmo

good gig, massive turnout

how sick was the sparkle stratos

It was alright, obviously not sick enough to win though… :wink:

I supose not, but he may of had a chance if his wife was judging…:wink:


She didn’t vote on my bike… some other girl did.

the f(ake) moser/beard combination makes all the bitches moist!

Found some photos here…

Flickr: Eugene Blackman’s Photostream

Spot alexb618’s bike!

Treadly Bike Shop’s 1st Anniversary Show & Shine 30th Oct 2011 - 15 by Eugene Blackman, on Flickr

You can even see darren stuffing up the votes in the background!

Also, someone want to explain to me why JLN’s FAKE Moser with bullhorns is a ‘track bike’ and mine is a ‘Stratos fixie’?


Sweet fixie bro!