Treadly bikes

Had one of my cyclist work buddies tel me he spotted a bike shop in Ebenezer Pl on w/end.
Checked it out but it was closed until 10am.
Googles it ,and it appears to have just opened.
Any one from here involved know the props?

might mosey in soon for a looksee.

that’s sam’s shop. i need to pop in sometime and have a look

They have some sickass tees for sale!

nice ashcan t’s!
yeah its Sam, AKA ‘donnie darko’ on here
all round general champ- ask him to get gear in- he’s open to any thought or suggestions for stock

I’ll pop in and introduce meself soon then…

no affiliation with the RHD guys? becoming quite the hip little lane down there.
i just clicked on the treadly facebook page and discovered i went to school with donnie darko. i feel like such a creepy internet stalker now. ugh. adelaides small

i remember sam from the days when he used to bodyboard on a maccas tray down at knights/ boomers
funny as
he also went to my uni a year or two below me
adelaide is toooo small

haha i knew him ages ago when he used to sail

Man I’m so old I used to bodysurf boomers in the late 80’s through to 91/92.
Camp in the hiace in the carpark and have brekky bongs before hittin the 2nd break out the back with the dolphins.

Thank’s for the mention justdave. Been a long time coming. Be great to meet you. Boomers is the best! Haven’t been on the esky lid for a while.

Fresh: yes, SICK tees.

Gringo: Thanks mate, I’ll will definitely try and order anything of anyone.

Squid: Jeez, those henley days…

Stovepipe: Yes Adelaide is small, but no connection to andy at RHD, I just like his clothing. What year at school?

Cool…you work the shop weekdays?

a couple below you by the looks of it. good luck with the shop mate i’ll be sure to drop in when im in town

Nice to meet both Sam and Em yesterday.
Tidy little shop.
Hope it is the success it should be.