trents bike

Well i went and built myself one of these bikes, Havent ridden it yet as i dont have a 700c adapter for my bike pump:(
Anyhow, I reckon its not bad for a first try, its cost me hardly anything PLUS the mofo glows in the dark!!!

Heres a rundown of what its cost me
Frame = free from friend
Paint stripper = $6 bunnings
Primer = $8 bunnings
Teal coloured spray paint = $12 Bunnings
Glow in dark spray paint x 2 cans = $40 bunnings
Cranks/pedals/chain/handlebars = FREEEE
Flip flop rear wheel = $15 from shitty west melb market

So there you have it, cheap as chips and looks pretty rad. There will be mods along the way, starting with the forks, but for now i just need to pump the tires and go out and hurt myself

fuk yes ! Thats bad ass mc’lovin

And there’s a bike, well done enjoy.

Well heres an update on my bicycle. While over in the USA recently I went “farming” and got myself a potato. Also got some glow in the dark oury grips to match the rest of the glow scheme. Also lashed out and bought a set of those cheap ebay rims after an incident with a gutter gave my market found flip flop a lovely bend. Anyhow I’m not to serious about this bike, it rides nice and i like how it looks, thats all that matters to me.
rock and/or roll

Anyhow I’m not to serious about this bike

Your not too serious about it, yet you go and buy a $500 ‘show’ wheel? that doesn’t make much sense to me =)


Check it, sick eh?

sounds like he rides for fun and bought a funny lookin wheel for fun too. That’s not serious at all! Buying a potato seems like a reasonble souvenier from the u.s. I’m no potato fan and even i nearly got some coz they were so cheap over there.

you said the magic words, “CHEAP OVER THERE”.
I do plan on using it on a much better and “serious” bike build at a later date, and with the 15% discount the guy at the shop gave me if i “got the thing out of here today” the oppurtunity was too good to pass up. Oddly thought the US airport security found the need to open the box and go through it at the airport, even after it was xrayed. Maybe they like potatoes.

you said the magic words, “CHEAP OVER THERE”.
I do plan on using it on a much better and “serious” bike build at a later date

Hmm, I do see your point. I probably shouldn’t have jumped to an assumption, my bad =) And apart from the potato, the bike does look quite nice =D

Potato’s are RAD. I love the feel and sound of them when you get em up to speed :slight_smile: Most people are all hate and never ridden one. I want a rear potato! I reckon they look way cooler then a front. Was reading yesterday in a comonwealth bank predictions report that the AUD should trade up at 90cents+ against the USD next year. Will probably buy one next year. Currently 78 cents its $916 AUD Posted for a Aerospoke Wheelset from evilbay.

My rear potato was $520 posted from ebay. Wheelandsprocket is the place to shop.

I’ll just go halves in a wheelset with a willing participant.

I put a MASH sticker on mine last night… guess what it is now?


Sweeeeeeet. This time last year I was as happy as a pig in shit with parcels arriving from the US everyweek!

Did you know was blowing them out for $85 each (early 2000s) before they got cool?

I believe aerospoke nearly went bust but were saved by the hipster revolution.