TRI X Multi

I worked as a First Aid Responder last weekend down at the You Yangs for this event, The TRI X DUO (link below), and it looked like heaps of fun. I got to thinking afterwoods that I’d like to have a punt (maybe!). I say ‘maybe’ because A: I don’t really have a working MTB at the mo’ and B: The event is held right at the and of exams.

As I’m not much of a runner it be better to enter the next event as a 2P team, which is held in Listerfield on the 24th June. So I guess I’m looking for expressions of interest from any runners/joggers/people who can move on two legs faster than a walk, who might like to join in the festivities with me.

Is there an entry fee? Yes. Are there prizes? If we hit the podium. Likelyhood of winning? Not really why I’d enter anyway. Chris have you really though this through? I’ll get back to you on that one!

Where was I? Oh yeah, anyone interested?
As usual PM me or some of you have my mobly number…