trick bikes for street riding/commute

i should be getting an insurance payout for my all-city big block soonish, and it seems bad luck to buy the same bike a second time. i was thinking of getting a trick frame for the big tyre clearances, so i can fit cyclocross tyres, and have a tough beater bike.
the frame that appeals most to me is the
what would i have to do to set it for street riding? i normally ride a 56 or 57cm square.
i was thinking a straight seat post, longer stem and a medium frame size, but i’m not sure how the really long top tube translates to bike fit.

well, Gypsy sorted me ou in the endt. this part of the forum is kinda dead ay?

a little. did you have a look at the Leader TRK? has clearance for good size tyres and reasonably tracky geometry.

yeah, fair point. a bit cheaper too. with a carbon cyclocross fork with removable canti mounts it might work well. don’t mind them either

ive got one currently, pretty damn solid bike and a lot of fun. all ss cx’ed up would be a pretty interesting/unique build.

i just built up 2 breakbrake bikes for a friend and i have to say i fell in love. get amongst the 26" fixie

What about the Milwaukee Bruiser? Ben’s Cycles were doing them reasonably cheap as completes.

But then you get all the comedians shouting ‘do a trick’ every 5mins.

(and the cranks are crap. better off getting the frame and parts seperately)

i’ve been at the beach, insurance assessor coming round tomorrow, so we shall see whether i get cheque or repair…
thinking affinity cyclone, with my profile hubs laced to a new set of open pro rims, or maybe something a smidgin wider, truvativ omnium cranks possibly, and centrepull brakes front and rear to risers.

What would be the best ‘bang for bick’ for a complete trick bike? i have been looking at the Leaf Automatic 26er. any other suggestions?

found this (also posted in another thread sorry) for 799. anybody know how good of a buy they are?

Bang for ya buck, you cant go past the Specialized P-Fix 26in.

seen and like very much! was also looking at the Leaf Automatic 26er but this one has a drivetrain… you know how much they retail for?

Agreed, if you want to go 26 you can’t do much better than $900 for the p-fix.

p-fix is a lot better than the leaf. it is designed for dual 26" where as the leaf isnt.

leaf costs $990 and drivetrain will probably set you back another $200+

yeah fair enough, it’s just a matter of sourcing a P-fix so i can have it before feb next year (when the next shipment is due to arrive). working on it.

Have my p-fix up for sale unfortunately… $600 located in yarraville, melbs. Please help a brother in need. Loosing a heap already.