Trick Cranks?

I am about to built a new bike and was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on cranks (specifically for tricks)?

fixed oscie

have a look through the who tricks on thread

Yeah sorry just wake up and am not so sharp at picking out my spelling mistakes. Any suggestions for Trick Cranks?

tricks for crack you say?

if thats what your into

i used i minus d cranks, but the pedal and the thread cross threaded with each other some how. But i minus d i reckon is a good trick crank. theyre quite sturdy. but the bmx crank would prolly work better. good luck finding the crank

check this out…
TrickTrack.Org • View topic - BMX cranks on a track bike!
bmx cranks are the go.
profile no boss setup is probably the best.

LOL!!! oh mannnnn