trick-track forum

you can hang out with these guys.

also , they have a group buy of aerospokes and double straps going down.

if a tree falls in a forest and lands on a bunch of tarck-bikers practicing riding fakie and hating on bmx’s, does anyone give a shit?

Er, isn’t that you LAM? :evil:

caught! lol, capt that was taken about 6 years ago, i’ve moved on, my new hobby is 80’s road bikes

here’s a current photo of me recreating my favourite ad in my riding clothes

Fuck Yes.

One of the posts in the thread.

oh shit. if i just didn’t get tatt’ed up today i’d be in on this.



i was just about to order one of those shirts. i think the RVCA cinelli stuff looks pretty cool personally.

Oh and there is some Melbourn-knight posting on there. anyone from here…

check the pic they posted up on this page. from Fyxomatosis

RVCA don’t ship to Australia.

I went to order a shirt and cap (and the booklet that came with it) when it first came out and they tried to charge $50+ US for shipping. I emailled them about it and they said they don’t ship to Australia.

Really fucking bizarre.

well, they’re riding the halloween MDMA ride, they have the same profile pic on facebook. i can’t remeber their name, some photography student or something.

I got people in USA who are coming back early december and its free postage in US orders over $100…

I’m going to New York in two weeks… I migth see what i can pick up there… :smiley:

this bike pron thread is great. so many nice/bad/sexy/ugly/random bikes.