Trikey, tandem and stuff

I finally got around to re-painting the tricycle my twin and I used to ride as kids for my nephews (also twins). Very bad paint job but it looks ok from a distance!

Here is the tandem with brand new teepee grips and a cushy saddle for the stoker (me), cap’n husband has to deal with exploratory springs in his seat :-o

My fine-after-a-crash Hillman with an altered bottle cage for the hardier beverages

Going for a cruise recently I happened upon this Hillman, so now my hubby has one too. It’s only single speed sorry, he’s not so keen on fixed.

nice grips on the tandem.

Much squishier than the crappy white plastic ones that were on there!
Thanks for giving me the teepee grips :slight_smile:

That trike is shit hot!
Wish I had on like that when I was a kid.
I just sat on the pavement with a stick in my hands making broom broom noises wishing I had a bike :cry: :cry: :cry:

Is that tandem a Super Elliott,if it is i have one that is set up as a fixed/freewheel.Ithought i was the only person in oz with one.

It sure is, mine is a only a single speed coaster brake though. It’s great fun to ride and I’ve used it to “pick up” my husband from the train or tram stop a few times :smiley:

hello do you any history about this bike like ,age or how much it is worth thanks