Trip-Hop recommendations please?

I know nothing about it but I’d like to…

Something like Portishead’s - Give Me A Reason To Love YOu

some modern trip hop-ish styles
Little Dragon
Little Dragon | Ritual Union on Vimeo

just look at the JJJ hottest 100 for 1993

Azz I really do commend you on your eternal youth you are a legend

You mean Glory Box?

Try: UNKLE - Psyence Fiction or DJ Shadow - Entroducing.

DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World - YouTube

Unkle - Lonely Soul - YouTube

mid life crisis mate

After 15 years of running two psychadelic trance labels, dj’ing at doofs all over the world and frying my brain on too much licky ;), I’ve decided to slow down a little and see what the ‘youth of today’ are listening to.

Seriously though… I like the groove of that song.

Entroducing… is such an amazing album.

PS: Aren’t the youth of today listening to dub step or Carly Rae Jepsen?


Psy-trance = shudder

(sorry, have bad memories of festivals)

DJ Shadow, its good.

p.s. Portishead had a new album out 2/3 years ago, ‘Third’ its good.

Rainbow Serpent? 10 days of looseness!!!

When I was finding the link for DJ Shadow an ad for Carly Rae Jepsen popped up and (TC) I was tempted for about two seconds…

I was being sarcastic Jolan

Check out DJ Krush from Japan. He has a bunch of albums from about 1994 - 2004.

Ooops yeah the song is called ‘Glory Box’.

some good recommendations already. Endtroducing is awesome. Ill throw in Amon Tobin “out from out where”.

which psy-trance label did you run? haven’t been out to hear it in a long time, but i still love psytrance.

Sarcasm doesn’t show well in text form.

like mckenny said, that shit is early 90s.

these days it’s all about the wub.


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I had a down beat label called Muddy Pig Records.

trip hop…