Trip-Hop recommendations please?

^ great post.

Yeah they just the xx on Jjj and they played some of glory box it’s epic


When I need a break from the trance and DnB normally filling up my ipod (and I don’t feel like going for deep dark minimal shit), I often turn to tracks by DJ Shadow, UNKLE, Trentemoller - will flick through some favourites once I get a spare sec

Not sure about strictly trip-hop, but a few downbeats for your ears?

Tricky - Maxinquaye
DJ Vadim and pretty much anything on the Ninja Tunes label
DJ Krush - Holonic The Self-megamix
DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz… love this.
Ott - Blumenkraft
Puff Dragon - Sazanami(sp?) check a track called Chinese Radio for starters. Probably drivier beats than you;re after but I cant get enough at the moment.
Thievery Corporation - Sounds from the Thievery Hifi is amazing. Nice dub styles. Everything since then got a bit ‘Eastern’ for my liking
Thunderball - Ambassadors of Style… on the same label (Eighteenth Street Lounge) have a bit more DnB going on, but still super nice.
Fort Knox Five is on a similar tip but its not trip-hop
The Vibraphonic Orkestra - if you can track down ‘over the rainbow mixup’ its superb. I think its on soundcloud

Gotta second/third/fourth Entroducing… amazing album.

Probably not answering the question at all.

Im sure with your trance background you;re all over Schpongle… again, not really trip hop… in fact, I dont know what it is at all. Best live performance I’ve ever seen.

Maybe some Madlib or Blockhead?


this times infinity - emika and lorn been getting a good belting lately

I describe it as ambidelic…Are You Shpongled? changed my life.
I must have listened to it from the beginning to the end 80 times.

Well familiar with OTT too. I’ve seen him DJ a number of times and under the correct circumstances have had my head taken off at the shoulders listening to Solstice (Bass monkey mix)

This thread needs beats.

Puff Dragon - Chinese Radio (Beijing Taxi version) - YouTube

How do I embed that thing properly?

I don’t know if Madlib is ‘trip-hop’ (what the fuck is trip-hop?) but he is awesome. The Beat Konducta series is great instrumental stuff.

I do not know.

But yeah, the Madlib remixes of all the old Bluenote Jazz records is fucking amazing. What is it? Shades of Blue or something?

I have been listeing to alot of edIT recently and over the last few years. It’s impossible to get much better music (for my ears anyway).

Mr Scruff - Jazz Potato - YouTube

sounds like something you would hear in the dentist’s waiting room

K&D Sessions?
Cinematic Orchestra?
Nightmares on Wax - Carboot soul?

Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give

just get some public enemy 45s and play them at 33. problem solved.

^ “Bass. How low can you go?” just got a bit lower.

shit dude, i havent thought about edIT in years. No Use Crying Over Pros, is awesome. playing now.

^ he rides a fixed whip too…