Trip-Hop recommendations please?

Also makes Drum and bass into breakbeats

Go back earleir … start with Miles Davis. Saturate yourself with his early stuff (Kind of Blue & Coltrane) and the mid period, then the electric.


Jazz is good for the mind and there’s a lot of it and many different flavours. Alternate this with Johhny Cash and Hank Williams, with a little Detroit Techno (courtesy of Atkins, Saunderson & May) and you’ll certainly cover a lot of ground. You’ll also get stabbed by your woman too :wink:

my go-to labels for chillout stuff back in the mid-2000s were Ninja Tune, !K7 and Leaf. A lot of trip-hop was associated with the Bristol sound, which included the Full Cycle label.

Check out the Anotherlatenight compilation series.

Leaf is a good shout. There is an amazing ambient web label called stadt gruen. Lovely stuff.

Can strongly recommend a web radio station called Soma FM. Its on itunes radio. They have a channel called Groove Salad. Described as ‘a nicely chilled plate of beats and grooves’. It’s the go to sounds in our house.

Less chat, more beats

YouTube - Thievery Corporation - Warning Dub.wmv

DJ Krush debut album Krush is probably the classic out of all the early 90s stuff. You gotta be careful with trip hop as it can quickly turn into weak chill out music. Personally head towards hip hop rather than chill out pussy beats.

Like that Funkstorong a lot edlang

Funkstörung - Red Shirt, White Shoes feat. Carin - YouTube

Terranova - Never - YouTube

The Herbaliser - Moon Sequence - YouTube

A Guy Called Gerald - Hurry To Go Easy (feat. Lady Kier) (with lyrics) - YouTube

DJ Krush & Jazzanova -Coffee Talk - YouTube

at one point in year 11 I dubbed the Quake soundtrack and listened to that for ages on my Walkman. was awesome.

This mix tape fucking rules… It’s the chemical brothers mix from some underground club…
It’s totally epic



O-Shen - Stonehouse (Original Mix) [Native State Records] :: Beatport

Here’s my 50 cents even though he’s not remotely trip hop:

Jon Kennedy
DJ Cam
The Mighty Bop
Tosca/Peace Orchestra/K&D - all variations of the same stuff/people
Money Mark
DJ Food
Howie B
La Funk Mob
DJ Shadow, Krush goes without saying

…and most things on Ninja Tunes, Mo Wax and Yellow Productions


Kodomo - Decoder - YouTube

Is there anything John Kennedy can’t do?


Wouldn’t call them “trip-hop”. Some of their stuff yes (maybe), but a lot of their stuff is straight up post-rock.


FARCK, trip hop eh? … I’m like feeling real auld right now man. Kinda like when I was talking to Mr Dylan about going to a Doc Scott warehouse rave in 1997 and Dylan replied he was in primary school in 97. Ouch!

Trip Hop:
Headz2 A or B compliations put out by MoWax.
DJ Krush - stacks of albums and mixtapes (Holonic: the self megamix, and code 4109 are my favs)
MC Solar
Howie B
Massive Attack
Nightmares on Wax
Les Nubians
Herbert & Dani Sicilliano
Wagon Christ
Luke Vibert
Vikter Duplaix
Boozoo Bajou
Aim - Cold Water Music
Rae & Christian (albums and MixMag mixtape)
DJ Spinna
Nathan Haines
Mark de Clive-Lowe
Daddy G DJ Kicks Mix
Kruder & Dorfmeister KD Sessions
Gilles Peterson Worldwide Compilations
We Heart Serge Compilation



I thought this shit was so rad in the mid nineties

Fucking amazing. I love that Tune

Nice list Dice. I really like the Grand Central Recordings stuff too. Aim/Rae & Christian etc

And how beautiful is Les Nubians… So nice

how do you people go through life being so chilled all the time?

Thank god there are other like-minded souls who like fixies and are not into heavy metal.